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A Role-Playing Game of Blood & Sweat, Pain & Hope



Players: 2 - 6

Age: 15+

System: Card Based

Genre: Boxing

Pages: 48

Price: 8 Book / 4 PDF

Contenders is an award winning role-playing game dealing with the shady and painful world of boxing.

No need for a GM or preparation means you can jump straight into the dark world of Desert City.

Each player takes on the role of a contender, a pugilist desperate to fight his way out of the gutter.

Can your fighter build the hope and confidence necessary to become a true champion?

Or is he destined to be dragged down into a sea of pain and despair?


Contenders won a High Ronny Award for games design, alongside Gregor Hutton's 3:16.  Contenders has since been expanded into a full game - with play examples, new rules and lots of great art.


The original 24hr version is still available as a free demo.



Contender Sheet

 Demo Pack

Summary Sheet

24hr Version

NPC Sheet

Actual play threads

As it stands, it's excellent, a real boxing combat system...I love this game."

- Ron Edwards


"Contenders is AWESOME...I'm in love with this game."

- John Harper,


"I hate boxing but I love Contenders."

- Jason Morningstar


"This game helps make art happen."

- Joe Murphy