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Hell 4 Leather







A RPG of Bloody Revenge on Devil's Night...

You were the meanest most badass SOB around. Everything was tight – you rode with the Devil's Dozen – toughest chapter going. No fucker messed with you.


Your 'buddies' screwed you. Life is cheap.

What's a little murder between pals?

But... You cut a deal with the Devil. You got one night – Devil's night – to exact vengeance. You're gunna show those bastards what a REAL Angel of Hell can do.

When the rooster crows, your chance for revenge is over - you've gotta go Hell For Leather!

+ + +

INSPIRED BY tales of revenge as diverse as Hamlet, Kill Bill, The Crow and with a hint of Ghost Rider - this Role-Playing Game of Vengeance roars like a motorbike on full throttle.

Hell 4 Leather features a liberating style of scene-based free-style role-playing brought to a focus with decisive card mechanics. Tarot Cards are used by The Rider to kill off the rest of the Devil's Dozen before the rooster crows.

The Major Arcana denote the Major Characters, the Scenes to play, and the various Boons that advantage both The Rider and those who had him killed.

An awesome layout by Gregor Hutton (3:16) makes this game a thing of true beauty!

+ + +

Hell 4 Leather was the Winner of the “Two Games One Name (2G1N)” competition.

The title was originally suggested by Ashok Desai.  H4L was paired with Sebastian Hickey‘s “Hell For Leather,” a game where “Murder Equals Extra Dice.” You should check it out at


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Even better, you can get BOTH Hell 4/For Leathers, for the special price of 19 Euros over at the Cobweb games Shop.


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Players: 3-6 (No GM required)

Age: 15 and upwards

Playing time: 2 - 4 Hours

System: Tarot Cards (playing cards can be substituted)

Genre: Revenge / Outlaw Bikers / Occult

Format: 6 Page Full Colour Booklet

Price: £6.66 Booklet & PDF

Back Cover


Actual Play Reviews

"It’s weird, it’s cool, it’s surprisingly deep, and I think it’s a lot of fun. .. If you’re interested in tight, sleek modern design with a progressive edge, you should check out this game."


- Nathan D Paoletta, NDP Design and Judge of the 2G1N competition



"Seriously, H4L was the highlight of my GenCon. Thanks for the awesome game. "


- Rob Justice, Bearswarm podcast

Rob's You-tube vid of GenCon 2010 Swag